Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Can't sleep

After some prodding by Pondering pig I deceided to post some old pics from the old days in San Francisco.

Who can forget the Robert crumb posters of the day. This was always one of my favorites.

This was in Golden Gate Park in 66. The Charlatans were playing and Canned Heat too. I think Blue Cheer was there that day but I don't have any band pics.

The guy sitting down is Diamond Jack. The guy dancing was living next door to me on Haight 2 doors from the dead but I never knew his name. My second wife, Ellen, called him dirvish because was a spinner kind of like sufi dancers in the mid east.

This pretty much sums it all up for me. In fact I don't feel any different now, except I don't use the f word any more so much.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Not Yet The Long Sleep

I wrote this when I turned 30. It was 1966 and I didn't think I'd live until 40. It was two years before I met Peg and was in the middle of a lost weekend that lasted until 1969. But here I am today, still stamping on the earth. No regrets at least not yet. Thanks to Pondering Pig I'm digging again or rooting for some of these old gems.
Glittering dark, dancing
Before my eyes, closed
Everything I see, shadowed
In roaring silence
I hear
A feather
Soundless, a brush
My lovers touch
Bitter, life's bile
Sweet, love's taste
Shadows of tomorrow
Darken the path of yesterday
What was will not be
What is, stands
Before my eyes, open.

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