Saturday, September 09, 2006


You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore!

It's a miserable Friday night
I'm so lonely
And nobody'll give me a ride
To the Grateful Dead concert...Oh rats!

If I was at the concert right now, I'd be ripped!
We were free when we were born
I could tighten my headband for an extra rush
During Jerry's guitar solo
Then I could go to a midnight show of 200 Motels!
We were born free, but now we are not free anymore!

I stole this from Frank Zappa. He was a wonder-man. I saw Leo's post on the RSS feed with the new Dylan lyrics and they were cool, but Zappa still is the man, even if he's dead. For some reason Zappa words say what are in my cynnical head. I wish I wasn't so crittical but I am. Frank was always ahead in the sarcasm department, but he made me question. I loved Zappa for that.So does the rest of the world. A small town in former East Germany holds a yearly Zappanale. Check this link: ZAPPANALE

I wonder if Pig remembers back in 66 when the Mothers played at the Fillmore and Ray Estrada from Zappa's band got crazy with Pigpen? It was like headline news. Ray was thumping verbally on Pigpen and he just blew him off. He just said like, "We play music. Whatever man. Go back to L.A. and wake up" and just let him go. Pig was cool and always kept the peace. It's funny how he was always looked at like the rowdy biker guy. But he was always the peacemaker. I remember Phil was the fight starting and argueing guy and Bobby would come in with his fist's up. Him and Kretuzman.

As much as I miss the old days I'd rather live now. I love talking about history and I love when the Pondering Pig writes about the old days. Listen to him because he's smarter than me. Some of the old days hurt too much and I don't want to let them out. I know you psych guys will get on me but that's what I feel.

Ok. Tomorrow will be new pics from Toronto this week. I live in the present.

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