Sunday, July 30, 2006


Some Florida Pics And Our Beatty

Im nowhere the Photog like Leo or Petrushka or Larry or the other Peggi but these are some of the ones I am happiest with from our trip. I shot about 200 pics so I'm sure I will have some more to post eventually. We've been home here for going on 3 weeks and we still haven't unpacked everything.

I don't know who was a bigger pest? the kid or the pellican? The boy was a neighbor to Beatty's assisted living apartment and he was probably good company but a pest.

The next shot is from a sail boat as we were passing kids on the beach. I tried climbing the mast and almost tipped the boat. No more for us old guys.
In the next one I climbed up on a lifeguard tower. The lifeguard was pretty angered so I left. It was a good spot for pics though.
The next one is from Loxahathcee Everglades Tours that we took about a week before we left. This guy was a trip. We were on one of those huge airboats and when we stopped the pilot let me climb the back rigging to get this shot. This gator didn't move for thewhole 20 minutes we were there. The docant figured he had just eaten and wasnt interested in us. Good.

Just some kids and mom and pop at Ft. Meyer. There were about 15 people working on this sand castle but they were all gone except for these folk's. It was about 10:00 and everyone else had split for lunch or something. The next day this masterpiece was gone.

My Mom-in-Law Beatty Levine about a week before she died. She was 91. We miss her a lot.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm Baaaackkk!

Here's a pic of an old poster I forgot I had but Leo and Pondering Pig jarred my rusty memory.
This one's for them.

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